Backend Administration

You will reach the administration area on after logging in. A login and password can be generated for free, only some of the administration functions are limited to paying customers.

The backend offers different functions, depending on the account type you use:
  • Promote external apps:
    If you do not want to host with us, you can just register your app
  • Upload and host your apps with us:
    You can zip your app directory and upload it to us. We autoamtically give you a subdomain including cool features:

    Your own subdomain like

    Secure HTTPS with a valid certificate!

    Pre-configured APPCACHE for your manifest!

  • Access to statistics and more features
    We constantly expand the services in the backend with payment modules, statistic pages and interfaces to other services.

App Hosting

Our service gets really nice, when you start hosting your HTML5 web apps with us.

We automatically give you a free subdomain with a SSL certificate for your subdomain like "" that also works nicely with the manifest (aka AppCache) functionality of HTML5.
As soon as you have your app uploaded to (you do not need to publish it publicly as long as you develop it), you get an extra button, that leads to more power for your apps.

Features you should know

The API, that is also documented here, is only accessible for apps hosted on You can sign up for free and start developping, but as soon as you reach your "final release" state, we ask for a monthly retainer to keep your app running publicly.

Beyond that, all apps on have the manifest enabled, get access to the additional functionality and we will expand this documentation over the course of the coming months.